Epic Fantasy Free on Kindle Unlimited for a Short Time.

The Dark Side of Light: A Medieval Time Travel Fantasy, and Warriors in the Mist: A Medieval Dark Fantasy, both epic fantasy novels,  will be free to read on Kindle Unlimited for a short time.

The Dark Side of Light

Shallee, a PhD social activist in the twenty-first century, has disrupted the harmful social programming instigated by Raymond Mackelvie, a powerful business magnate who has been controlling the masses for decades. Hence, Mackelvie sets out to destroy her. Interestingly, her circumstance parallels a ninth-century past life that has always haunted her. In that life, her royal family, trying to unite Denmark, was overthrown and slaughtered by the Curonian, Droghan.

Tumbling through time, Shallee finds herself in that past, two years after she died. She meets up with the warrior, Shokane, who once loved her. Together they plot to restore Denmark, fighting for heart on a perilous adventure into the dark side of light. Black magic abounds and mythical beings arise in this riveting suspense where multi-dimensional realities bleed together to reshape a fate that hinges on a romance transcendent of time and space.  Link: The Dark Side of Light

Warriors in the Mist:

An epic romance is featured in this masterfully written novel that takes place in the mystical, magical Dark Ages. Kamara Lania is a pacifistic priestess whose goal is to unite the realm with the divine love. Meanwhile, a violent self-serving warlord, Kayenté Ketola, is acquiring dominion of the realm on his journey to become King. They are both thwarted by a supernatural being “The Cold One” who is consuming the world because good and evil in their extremes, always fall. Mystical interplay, characteristic of Shakespeare, throws the Priestess and the Warlord into a harrowing and complicated, even comical transformation where they each must become more like the other to save the world.    Link: Warriors in the Mist

About skalior

Susan was born in Seattle, WA. Her first profession was a psychotherapist treating those suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, sexual abuse, family violence, and severe mental illness. She employed therapies such as communication skill building, relaxation training, systematic desensitization, bioenergetics, and psychodrama. She has facilitated stress management, parenting, and self-discovery workshops that have aided in the psycho-spiritual healing of many. She has lectured on metaphysical and psychological topics, and been an activist in educational matters. Her education includes an M.A. in Ed. in Counseling/Human Relations and Behavior (NAU), a B.S. in Sociology (ASU), and ten months of psychological and metaphysical training in a Tibetan community. With a background in college theater, psychology, and metaphysics, Susan writes in a variety of genres: psychology, philosophy, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy, infusing wisdom and hope even in her darkest plots. All her books are designed to uplift and enlighten by addressing the worst with a path to the best. In her words: I love to sing, meditate, and play in nature. I love fairy tales, going outside the box, and reading between the lines. I strive to see what is often missed, and to not miss what can't be seen. There is such a life out there, and in there—beyond all perception! So I close my eyes, feel my inner rhythm, and jump off the cliff of convention. And when I land, though I might be quaking in my boots, I gather my courage and go exploring. Through travel, study, and work, I've gained a rich awareness of cultural differences among people and their psycho-social struggles. I have discovered that oppression often results from the unexamined adoption of outside perceptions. The healing always has been in the individual's stamina to expel outside perceptions of self and constructively exert one's unique core being into the world. I am driven to facilitate expanded awareness that people may separate who they are from who they are told to be. Embracing personal power by loving our unique selves in our strengths and weaknesses . . . forever—is a key to joyous living. My motto is: Trust your story. Live the Mystery.
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