August Flash Sale: Freebies, Deals, and Updates!

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Hello friends, readers and subscribers,

As usual, I have some great eBook deals as well as a few featured authors to share with you.

For one day only (today, August 12th) in my Viking Time Travel Fantasy series: The Dark Side of Light: Book One-INITIATION will be FREEI would greatly appreciate honest reviews on this or any of my other books, for any of you who have read them. Reviews are hard to come by and all we authors are eternally grateful when readers take a few moments to help us out.

Additionally, many of you may not realize that with a 30-day trial membership on Audible, you can get two FREE audible books. If you are interested, you can get The Simple Guide to Feeling Better-Audible version, (filled with guidance to productively face life’s many challenges) for FREE, regularly priced at $19.95. As my first profession was a psychotherapist, everything I know is in that book! If interested, click HERE.

I am also happy to announce that Book Four in The Mark of Chaos Series, “The Goddess Returns” will be available September 23rd.  I am very excited to be writing full time again after having cared for my elderly father who died of Lewy body dementia a year ago. That was a sad hard time for me, and writing has been so therapeutic! I will have a pre-order link available soon. In the mean time you can check out the first three books in the series FREE on Kindle Unlimited HERE.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to check out the books and deals below from the talented authors: J. ThornTrish Heinrich, and Jen Nixon.

As always, you can write me at for any questions, comments, or feedback. Also, I am getting ready to start a new fantasy fiction series but haven’t decided what to do. Let me know what you like to read, the setting, such as modern, medieval, or perhaps a Western, and the kind of story you might be interested in. 

For more information, check out my website at

Words of wisdom for the month: “We all have value. We all have worth. No matter what we say or do, or what anyone says or does to us, we are intrinsically and immeasurably important, more than we could ever know.”

Take heart, believe in yourself, and live the mystery.

Susan D. Kalior

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About skalior

Susan was born in Seattle, WA. Her first profession was a psychotherapist treating those suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, sexual abuse, family violence, and severe mental illness. She employed therapies such as communication skill building, relaxation training, systematic desensitization, bioenergetics, and psychodrama. She has facilitated stress management, parenting, and self-discovery workshops that have aided in the psycho-spiritual healing of many. She has lectured on metaphysical and psychological topics, and been an activist in educational matters. Her education includes an M.A. in Ed. in Counseling/Human Relations and Behavior (NAU), a B.S. in Sociology (ASU), and ten months of psychological and metaphysical training in a Tibetan community. With a background in college theater, psychology, and metaphysics, Susan writes in a variety of genres: psychology, philosophy, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy, infusing wisdom and hope even in her darkest plots. All her books are designed to uplift and enlighten by addressing the worst with a path to the best. In her words: I love to sing, meditate, and play in nature. I love fairy tales, going outside the box, and reading between the lines. I strive to see what is often missed, and to not miss what can't be seen. There is such a life out there, and in there—beyond all perception! So I close my eyes, feel my inner rhythm, and jump off the cliff of convention. And when I land, though I might be quaking in my boots, I gather my courage and go exploring. Through travel, study, and work, I've gained a rich awareness of cultural differences among people and their psycho-social struggles. I have discovered that oppression often results from the unexamined adoption of outside perceptions. The healing always has been in the individual's stamina to expel outside perceptions of self and constructively exert one's unique core being into the world. I am driven to facilitate expanded awareness that people may separate who they are from who they are told to be. Embracing personal power by loving our unique selves in our strengths and weaknesses . . . forever—is a key to joyous living. My motto is: Trust your story. Live the Mystery.
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